Status: People don't forget they just choose not to remember
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It's hard to swin
in a world so shallow
Ello Loves ♥ You've seemed to stumble upon my page, I would just Like you to know that I love you, and you're Beautiful, Each and Every one of you are amazing, and i'm blessed to have such lovely witty friends, because when  the tough times come and i dont know where to turn, I know i can always turn to you guys , Well, I'm Brianna Marie, 13,November 25th, Blonde Hair, Hazel eyes,  New York, your avrage 8th Grader,Drama club, Plays the flute, In love with her best friend, Music is life, esp. BonJovi, Coldplay, Justin Bieber, 1D, Hot Chelle Rae, Bruno Mars & Taylor Swift. Get Called A Lesbian, Homo, Stupid, Slut, Awkward, Weird, A bitch, Ugly,Fat, A monster, A mistake, and unwanted. doesnt matter Because I have the best of friends that love me ; Ariana, Matthew, Lindsey, Sam, Giovanna, Lorenzo,Stephen,Jonathan, & Isaiah. Without them, i'd peobably Be dead right now . So I love you guys, <3 K.Byee :)

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Just because 
she is the
 most beautiful girl  
In the world doesnt mean that 
[ she is the girl that will make your life] 

"I love you"

"for now" 


People don't forget

They just choose not to 


So we dated for a year, we broke up and a week later you have a new girlfriend? k cool.

She promised herself she wouldnt fall for him afain ..

And  she said hes just a friend 

but hes all shes ever wanted♥


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I know im YOUNG
But it sure as hell feels like it


Sometimes things dont work out the way they're supposed to,
Well, actually, most of the time they dont,but promise me,no matter what that you'll be a good person, and most of all 
remember  me .


God I haven't been on this for a while..
And heres a little update , so that boy i was always venting about 
he asked me out :) and we've been going out for two months :).


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So he went up to his sister  
showed her a picture of me  and told her he was going to marry me one day  .

♥     ♥


So at my locker today  
He stood really close to me so that his lips were just barely toutching my cheek and he told me he loved me.  .
my stomach has never had so many butterflies .
♥     ♥