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Quotes by imissEBKK

Earlier today I chose to break up with my boyfriend of 10 months. He begged me not to leave him and kept telling me how much he loved me. He asked me to come over so we could talk things out. Finally, out of guilt, I agreed to talk to him at his house face to face about everything that has driven me to the break up point. I got there and he opened the door, we hugged but i  dodged his kiss because I wanted him to know this was not the type of situation where we could just kiss and make up. we stood by the door for a moment and he said " you look beautiful", then he cried harder then I have ever cried before...He's a keeper.

This summer is not nearly as good as the last one...without you.

If you think I'm leaving this w.o.r.l.d without his love, you have greatly under estimated me.

Can't deny
your eyes
You know I try to readbetweenthelines..
I saw a warning sign and then you -->

       Threw me  
Up Against The Wall

Who said that it's "better to have loved and lost"?
I wish that I had NEVER LOVED AT ALL

When the push comes to the shove..
It's        just        a


Now it's too late.You feel like your making a big mistake..
You should havewaited.
It took you a year...
but now    you     like  me.    I    have a boyfriend         but oh,            now      since you like me
and everything      I   will       obviously         leave   my   boyfriend       for you.  Oh,      and I will    come       running          back to you.  I wish     this was                   as sarcastic as          it sounds.      ♥

And if I had something to say to you
I'd whisper it softley. Kiss you on your rosey lips and  nevelet you off me.
Shiver on your roof and see your face lit by starlight.
SHold you through the night and watch that
Colorado Sunrise