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“OMG you guyzzz he broke my heart lolszzz its ok tho cuz i brokkk his xbox! lolz im so funyyyy hahaaa fav if u agree omg”

... Basically, the reason that I never go on Witty anymore. Sorry hun, but no one actually cares if your boyfriend of 2 months breaks up with you. This isn't some fairytale Disney movie that you watched when you were a child. Grow up and stop acting like you're in middle school.

kthx byee lolzz txt it :)))))

Is there a faster way to delete all of my quotes without having to delete them individually? Or is there any way at all to stop a particular person from seeing anything? The wrong person just so happened to find this damn thing and I don't even use it anymore...
Close your eyes, and imagine. Just for a minute.

Imagine that you’re walking down the street in a large city, such as NYC. Now, imagine that you’re on your way to work, and you’re running a bit late.

In a hurry, something manages to catch your eye. Nothing huge, really, just an advertisement. “THEY’RE RICH! THEY’RE SPOILED! THEY’RE HOT! AMERICA’S FAVORITE T.V. SHOW IS BACK!”. In this advertisement, you take note of 2 young women that seem to be half dressed, and surrounded by material objects. Cars, money, a huge house, etc. Now stop and think about what those material objects mean. Nothing. But wait… They seem to be important to everyone around you, no?

Take a look around. While walking in this city, you notice a seemingly rich couple scarfing down some shrimp. The man stuffs 2 or 3 in his mouth at a time, right before guzzling down a glass of wine, spilling some on his lap in the process. The woman laughing obnoxiously at his side while checking her $600 phone for any messages she might have received in the last 5 minutes.

As you turn your head away from this sight, you can’t help but notice a 17 year old girl talking on the phone about how her parents won’t let her buy the new iPhone, even though you notice that she already has the older model.

Now, take just a few more seconds to imagine that as you look to your side, away from all those advertisements and people, you see a young girl. This girl seems to be maybe, what… 8? 9? She’s covered in dirt, and laying on an old blanket with holes in it on the sidewalk. She is clearly in need of a home, and in need of food. Try to see the world around you from the eyes of that little girl. Try to think about what is going through her head as she sees the advertisement, the 17 year old girl talking on her cell phone, and the rich couple. 

Oh wait, you’re late for workYou don’t have time to actually see the world around you. You have to go work for your boss just so you can afford your bills, and maybe even that new laptop you’ve been wanting.

You forget about everything you’ve just seen. You pretend like your eyes weren’t actually open for those few minutes. You continue to live life with your eyes closed. 

This is the world we live in.

I'm falling in the black...
Slipping through the cracks



I know you said it would get better.

But as life goes on,

I'm finding fewer reasons to live.

I can't break the silence...
It's breaking me



You don't have to keep reminding me
that I'm not good enough.

I'll remember it forever.


Don't try to fix me,
>>>I'm not broken.<<<

[Hello, I'm the lie, living for you so you can hide...]



Your face haunts my once pleasant dreams.

Your voice has chased away all the sanity in me.

These wounds won't seem to heal,

This pain is just too real,

There's just too much that time 
cannot erase


               It's not what it seems,
                                        Not what you think.
                                                             No, I must be dreaming.
                                                                              It's only in my mind,
                                                                                                                           Not real life.       
                                                                                                           No, I must be dreaming