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Sometimes life is not enough, and the road gets tough. 
I don’t know why.
Enjoying life(:

Quotes by imjustfleur

I hope the days come easy
And the moments pass slow.
And each road takes you,
To where you want to go. 
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what do you do when you're invited to a party where you barely know anyone,
and you're the most awkward potato ever?
Are you a tree? Cuz you better leaf.
Are you a cow? Cuz you should mooooove.
Are you a sheep? Cuz you should baaaaaack off. 

Every storm runs out of rain. 
I'm gonna be real honest with you guys.
I've been raping the "random format!' button. 

Me: Okay time for a snack. 
Me: I'm gonna be healthy today. 
Me: *Grabs bag of chips*
Me: Oooops. 
Me: Oh well, tomorrow's another day. 
~A smooth sea never made a successfull sailor~
I feel like Witty is the only place where I can be my awkward self
Anyone else? c:
"Sorry" & "My Bad" mean the same thing.
Unless you're at a funeral.