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im angela

-marshall bruce mathers. nuff said..


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         g e t   h i t   b y            t h e   e a r t h q u a k e

East  Coast  Represent


Grandpa: Why are there no phone operators in china?

Me: I don't know? why?

Grandpa: Because theres to many "Wings, and Wongs" they might Wing the Wong number. 

Me: Grandpa your terrible !




I don't care what people say
smoking is my biggest

T U R N  O F F .





Hey, do you want to go bungee jumping with me?


I came into this world because of a broken rubber, and I'm not leaving because of one...



so i know this is really annoying, i hate asking for faves but, this is legit.
so i'm talking to my boyfriend and i told him to make me a sandwich next time i come over & i'll play cod, he said no. he knows about witty, so i told him to pick a number 1-599, he picked 499.
so if this gets 499 faves or more he'll make me a sandwich while i play cod & kill him,♥

help me out?(:

His dad abandoned him and his mother when he was 18 months old.

He changed schools 3 times a year so his mom could find a job. He had no friends.

He was beat up in hallways, bathrooms, and put in lockers.

His mom was a drug addict and it was said she abused him.

He failed the 9th grade 3 times before dropping out.

He was told he wouldn't make it as a rapper because he's white.

His closest friend Ronnie committed suicide.

He and his wife divorced twice and he was left to raise his daughter alone.

& where is he now?
no hes not poor or homeless. Hes out there , inspiring millions of people with his raps, setting records, winning awards and changing music.

It just goes to show that you can overcome anything.

Fave if Eminem's music has helped you through a tough time

we love you slim shady


Something . We . Americans . Got

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