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>listening to metal and dubstep, my favorite artist is PARAMORE!

im 14 years young and my name is Zach i was thinking about making a youtube channel where my name is dantethesummoner

i love anime and adventure time

i hate country rap hiphop r&b music

i want to make an awesome rpg game like final fantasy

my favorite video game is final fantasy 3

if any of you bros wanna talk to someone talk to me 
email me at
Rock On

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so i accedentally told my step mom that i sometimes cut and she said that if she catches me again she will admit me into the mental ward 
check out pokemon from hell on devianart they make pure awesomeness
who wants to join OWL
the Order Of The White Lotis
i saw a girl in 6th or 7th grade and i think im in love....
WHAT DO I DO??????
heres some good news and bad news:

Good news is i have yet to have my sanity snap :)

bad news i'm extremley close to snapping :(
God Is Dead! 
Happy Good Friday
Writers block: 
F*ck you