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Open my eyes, it was only just a dream
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Hey beautiful,
My name's Cansu & I'm a 14 year old girl
trying to write a basic story. Well basic if you
don't make it unique *wink wink* Click here
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Ok my story is a fail.
Don't see the point of writing anymore. I might start a new story in a few days since this was one was an obvious fail.

*1 year, 1 day ago*
Carliee's Point of View

*15 minutes later*
"Hey Cars." Someone called from behind me.
"Hi Emily." I said turning around, knowing it was my best friend from her happy voice.
"Guess what?!" She was practically jumping up and down, her poker straight moving right and left her head.
"You finally got a car?" I joked, pointedly turning around myself as if searching for a new car.
"No silly! I'm pregnant!"
"That's ni-" The words suddenly sank in.
I was so shocked frozen in place. I couldn't utter a word, it was like my lips forgot how to move. How could my innocent, funny and energetics best friend have a baby growing inside her!?
"W-what?" I finally made out with a shaky breath.
"Yup! Aren't you excited for me?" She was beaming, I would have thought she'd be crying, scared to have to take such a big responibilty upon herself. Wasn't she terrified?
I would be.
"Who what?"
"The father.." I asked, still not able to move.
"Uh.. That..-" She got cut off because someone hugged me from behind. 
"Hey baby" Elliot whispered, his breath tickling my neck. I knew it was him.
"H-hi," I blushed.
"did you here the news?" I asked suddenly wondering if Andy, Carly's boyfriend, told him about it. They were really close.
"Which news?" He asked looking adorabley confused.
"Carly is pregnant!" I said a bit too loudly.
I was kind of shocked, why hadn't Carly said anything yet? I glanced at her to see her eyes wide and all of her happiness faded.
"What's wr-" Again, I got cut of my Elliot.
"Wait.. what?!" A turned around to look at his too pale face.
What's going on?
Calry cleared her throat obviously uncomfortabe.
Elliot quikly kissed my check. "I'll see you later." he mumbled and left.
"Well, that was weird.."
"Uh.. I've gotta go too. Andy's waiting for me..." she said quikly and she also walked away quikly.
Were they hiding something from me?


Author's Note
This chapter was a bit obvious, giving a hint about what's going to happen a day later.
I like it though.
Hehe, bye!


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*1 year, 1 day ago*
Carliee's Point of View

"...Beep beep beep" I heard the annoying sound of my alarm clock, awakening me from my peaceful sleep.
8:26, exactly 34 minutes until the school bus arrives.
I groaned as I pushed out my annoying brown hair out of my eyes.
Another morning, another school day. I sighed.

Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike school at all, unlike most 14 year olds, I love it. It's just getting up in the morning that I hate.
Forcing my legs to move, I walked to my small mirror on my desk.
Grabbing a brush I started combing my tangled hair.
I winced as the brush got stuck in yet another knot.
Don't give up, don't give up, don't give up. I chanted over and over again to myslef.
"UGHH!" I growled out throwing the brush back onto the desk.
Throwing my hair into a ponytail, I started dressing up.
A denim mini short, tank top and white not-so-high heals.
It was quite warm for April.
Grabbing my school bag on my way out, I went downstairs to see my dad drinking his coffee while reading reading the daily newspaper.
"Good morning" I smiled brightly at him, trying to close up my exhaustion.
"Morning hunny, there's some omlette in the kitchen, go on." he said, pointing towards the kitchen door.
Finishing my breakfast, I kissed my dad goodbye before running out the door.
Craap, the bus will be here any moment.

Author's Note
1st chapter! Yay!
Tbh, I'm not too fond of it.
Hey, who can blame me, this is my first story online.c:
Thanks for reading.


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It's hard to be heartbroken at the age of only 15. Carliee Davis has always been a good girl; great grades, kind friends, respected family and a boyfriend  named Elliot. She always felt lucky to be dating the school quarterback, someone well-known at school. That was until last year on this day, 1st of April. Most of you would be laughing and messing around on that day, right? Ironic, Carliee found herself drowned in tears. The exact day she got dumped infront of the whole school. See how she gets revenge from everyone that hurt her, one by one.

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