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Attempting to care about your feelings.

Okay, First, go to Google Maps. Then search 'Fairfield College New Zealand' then zoom in at point A until you see the two funny pictures. LMFAO

Relationships are so overrated. What ever happened to waiting?
Chain Mail;
Yeah right; i wont die if
i don't re-add this
But just to be safe..
Only me?


Curled up
with my Nutella
and a spoon

And for once,
there aren't mascara stains on her pillow..
because she was smart enough to
get waterproof mascara.
She knew she'd need it,

Fave If you blinked. ^-^

& Did you ever Stop To Think;;
.: you might be showering in dinosaur pee :.

quote all mine
format not mine

I love those

when you know you look

not my format[: