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hello i'm karen and there's not much to say about me.

Quotes by imradioactive

you're like this amazing and perfect person and I'm just this freak with a million problems and I don't know why you picked me but please don't ever go.

bit longer, I got a ways to go.


 go hand in hand.

lateli'vbeen, i've been
 losing sleep, dreaming about the things

do you ever want a boyfriend
but  you  really  don't
but you really do

Does anyone else have it where they learn a new word in a book and then they hear it all the time in movies, school, etc? Or vice versa?? Like, I just discovered the word 'procreate' (lol) and i just did an english essay on Greek gods and I was seeing that word suddenly??

( i think you are a wonderful person and deserve to be happy )


laugh today.
smile today.
eat today.
invent today.
progress today.
read today.
be happy today.
there's not enough time to be sad.


why'd you only call me
                                                                                      WHEN YOU'RE HIGH?


Does anyone else get like really emotional during music like it doesn't even have to be your favorite song or whatever but like you'll be in a certain place at a certain time and just a wave of emotion comes over you and you wanna cry or dance or make out with someone or something??