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Why HELLOOOOOO there! 
I'm Quinn, I'm 13, I love One Direction. :3
Um...yeah so anyways, I'm sorry if you can't follow me, it's 'cause I can't find the user ID thingy and I'm too lazy to try...
Niall is in love with Nandos. 
BRB gonna go change my name to Nandos. 
Jk but ANYWAYS, I love music, eating, swimming, the beach, animals, the colors blue, yellow, green and pink. I love my friends, family and laughing and tons of other stuff but if I told you all of it I'd have a gigantic list that you'd probably just skip over. 
Lol 'Kay so, I'm gonna go listen to Thew It On The Ground...LIKE A BOSS!
Pictures/Gif's that I got from TUUUUUUUUUUUUMBLrthisiswhatilookliketoday:Sorry ladies! #TeamHomo


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Good people
Make bad decisions.

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Me is in a relationship with Witty Profiles.

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when I call my 
parents, & they
don't answer it's 

no big deal but when 
they call me & I
don't answer it's 
like World War III.

thank you tumblr ;D

You can't
buy happiness
you can
buy icecream
and that's kind of
the same thing

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Biggest lie ever;
I have read and agreed to terms and conditions.

Every Morning

Me:I really can't stay
Bed:But baby, it's cold outside

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Please read :D

I really want to make a Witty Familys for Directioner's so, if you comment all of the below I will make you one with a couple other people:
1.which boy do you want to marry?
2.Are you on Witty often? old are you?

And then write your username and/or first name. 
I will assign you with 5 other people, 1 person for each boy. 
If you are not chosen, I'm sorry! It's because I couldn't find you a witty family. 
OH, and I will be joining one...

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I'm not a perfect girl.
My hair doesns't always stay in  place
& I spill things alot. I'm pretty clumsy &
I sometimes have a broken heart. My friends & I
sometimes fight & maybe somedays nothing goes right. But when
I think about it & take a step back I remember how
amazing life truly is  & maybe, just maybe,
I like being unperfect
Boy:Hey, you're hot, wanna go out?
Girl:No I have a boyfriend
Boy:And I have a math test tomorrow. 
Girl:What does that have to do with anything?
Boy:I thought we were both listing things we could cheat on.

Child: What if I just come back at 3am lol
Mom:Then I'll lick your as* out tonight
Mom:I'm being serious
child:that's disgusting
Mom:Oh I'm sorry, I meant lock not lick

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