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Status: Bored &eating pizza<3
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So... Hello there, beautiful people!
I go by the name Ashley but if I like you you are allowed to call me Ashy. I'm 15 and I live in a beautiful place and I'm so not telling you where it is. 

I was on witty like 2 years ago but I don't even remember my old username lol :p

I am a bit obsessed with music. I mostly listen to Pierce The Veil, Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons, Lana Del Rey and Black Veil Brides. 

I've been with my amazing boyfriend, Jacob, for a year and a half. I love him soooo much.<3
However, I'm cheating on him with my future husband, Orlando Bloom.<3 Shh!

I like pizza, nutella and other awkward shît. 
I love dancing and skateboard. 

I am pretty awkward but if you get to know me I can be pretty cool (you'd better think so too except if you don't care about your unicorn)

So... If you wanna be friends or something, you can talk to me about whatever!



Quotes by I'm so totally awesome. *

You make life worth living❤
Does it have to be so hot? I mean c'mon, it's winter and I'm wearing only a tank top and my underwear IT'S BOILING WE'RE GOING TO DIE BYE
My best friend doesn't like Nutella. I'm not sure how we became friends in the first place. 
Smiling people seem to be the most hurt. 
Even if you didn't get your happy ending, at least you have the memories.<3
Love will give you tears, but if it's the right person it will also give you happiness. 
Make a move on them before it's too late.
Love comes when you least expect it. 
And then you remember you had homework.
Keep fighting -maybe, one day, you'll be able do say that it was worth it.❤