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Quotes by indianprincess

i accidentally blocked someone on witty.
How do I unblock ?
If you're going to love me, love me deeply.
If you’re going to break my heart, then break it all.
If you’re going to care, care for me completely.
If you decide not to hold me, then just let me fall.
If you’re going to stay, then stay forever and if you want to leave, then do it today.
If you’re going to change, change for the better.
&& if you’re going to talk, please mean what you say.

Don't steal. <3
Baby if it's for you, I'll slave till the end. <3

Don't steal
(: x

I just want to live.
Live & enjoy life like everybody else.
But this won't happen to me ..
When I think my life's all colorful,
it turns out to be just an illusion ..
Its all black & white underneath .
When I think everything is perfect,
I'm forced to see the imperfections.
When I smile,
I have to cry the next moment ..
&& when I think I am complete,
that's when I realise how incomplete i really am.
I tried smiling through tears,
I struggled to fight away the fears,
but nothing seems to work out now.
I thot everything happened for a good reason,
but I can't find out the reasons for any optimism now.
I feel like a depressed zombie.
I have no idea what's going on.
My life sucks.
My heart is broken.
Why ?
I'm still *figuring out* .

But there's always a ray of hope.
& I'm in search of the r ai n b o w..
Colors that'll bring me back to life.

For now, i'll just wait.

mine xx
Nobody is perfect until you fall in love with them . !

Isn't this the truth?

^^ All that means that when you fall in love with someone you tend to overlook and/or forgive their bad traits, their bad habits etc etc You jus overlook everything that is considered in a particular way to be bad in their personality ! .
Blah blah ..

This also proves that love is blind.

all mine!
dont steal.!

her : what do i mean to you?
him: the things you mean cant be described by the words that exist in  a dictionary.

its all mine!
he said that to me!
make it pretty if you want :]
you know i love you.
i really do.
but i cant fight anymore for you.

NO credit XD

Screaming my lungs out
&& try to get you to know..

only one.

no credit.
just one of my fav quotes..
sorry about the colors..
im new to this thing..
feel free to change them :)