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Hey I am sitting here by one of my Best friends cara....i love someone but who knos things change....things did change now he is going out wit one of my best friends when i broke up wit khim him he said he would get ova it but then 5 min later he asked her out and the he had to leave so he said to me tell HER i love her...i went up to my room and started to cry i was talkin to my friend who is also his girfriend right nowbut she was comforting me and told me that she would brake up wit him if i wanted but i told her no....then the next day we went to the movies and he was holding her really closely and there was tears in my eyes it really hurt....i still love him but i dont want to go back out wit him for wat he did to me bevcause there is a chance that he will do it again...he ripped me heart out, sto,mped on it and then shattered it over and over it again :(

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Hideing my feelings for u is like hiding hidding an elephant in a croud of chidren........

i still love u
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After u say sorry soo many times it starts to loose it s purpose
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