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C h a p t e r 1 .

Harry Styles had never had a real friend.
His parents forbade him of going outside, and interacting with other people.
He would sit soundlessly in his room, in front of a window overlooking the street.
He would watch as kids his age laughed, and played with eachother.
It made him sad to think he had no friends.
He would always try to make imaginary friends, but it was never satisfying to him, so he stuck to his parents like glue.
They were the only human interaction he had.
At the age of 18, his parents died in a mysterious car accident, leaving him alone in the large house.
He would still sit in front of the window, looking out at the streets as children played.
He longed so bad for a companion.
As he frowned at the happiness below, there was a knock on his door.
It shocked him, because no one ever came to his house.
It was the stereotypical horror movie house at the end of the street.
Worn down, and the paint was peeling off.
There were never any cars in the driveway, but people knew there was an occupant in the house.
It was the house mothers warned their children about.

Harry stood up from his perch at the end of his bed, and smoothed his pants.
He quickly made his way to the door, pulling it open.
There before him was a young woman, about his age.
He stared in confusion.
Her auburn hair fell just below her shoulder blades, curling at the ends.
There was a string of freckles going across the bridge of her nose,
and dispersing when it reached her cheeks.
Her eyes were a deep shade of blue, like an ocean, Harry imagined.
She was about four inches shorter than Harry was, and her smile was breathtaking.

"Hi, I'm Annibell. I'm going door to door, collecting funds for the Breast Cancer Awarness association, and I was wondering if you would like to make a donation."
Her voice was the perfect pitch, something you would expect to come out of her petite figure.
Harry stood wordlessly, taking in every bit of the woman standing before him.
She shifted uncomforably, folding her arms over her chest, and clearing her throat.
Harry shook his head, coming out of his entranced state. He smiled, and nodded,
stepping aside so she could come in.

"Uh, you wait here. I'll go get my checkbook. Would you like some tea?" Harry mumbled, standing in the doorway of the living room. Annibell nodded, her lips parting into a smile.

"Yes please. Thank you." She said, placing her belongings on the coffee table.

Harry quickly got the tea, and rushed back into where Annibell waited, his checkbook in hand.
He handed her the cup of tea, and she smiled in appreciation taking it, and thanking him .
Harry quickly made a check out for twenty dollars to the Breast Cancer Awarness funds, but didn't sign it.
He knew it would be any minute that Annibell would pass out, for he had put some drugs in her tea so she would pass out.
He was unsure if it would harm her, or not, but that was a chance he was willing to take.
He was sick and tired of being lonely. He needed a friend.

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