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Hey, my name's Megan
from: Wisconsin, USA

I love art and animals 
I'm also a vegetarian and I love to laugh.

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(jk, I just <3 jenna marbles)
, I just thought it was funny.) 
starting weight: 138 lbs.

November goal weight:132lbs
December goal weight: 127lbs
January goal weight: 122lbs

total to lose: 16 lbs
 wish me luck! ♥

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Don't change to make someone love you
be y o u r s e l f and let the right one

falfor you.


a relationship is meant for two,
but some b*tches don't know how to count.
<3 nmq.nmf

I'd wish on
11:11 tomorrow,
but I've already

Got everything
I've wanted.

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I don't know how I survived
before witty...

those arguments with the guy you like 
over absolutely nothing.

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30 day challenge
day 1- 15 facts about you
day 2- the initials of the person you loved for the longest.
day 3- your closest friends to you
day 4- the thing you most fear
day 5- the saddest moment in your life
day 6- favorite sport(s)

day 7- favorite song
day 8- your deepest secret

day 9- first impression on the guy you like now
day 10- last time you cried
day 11- thing closest to your heart
day 12- when you hear this song you cry
day 13- place wanna visit really badly
day 14- favorite book
day 15- favorite animal
day 16- favorite show
day 17- last time someone hurt you
day 18- the story behind your life
day 19- person who scares you the most
day 20- last major injury
day 21- favorite youtube video
day 22- phone type
day 23- biggest confection
day 24- last break up
day 25- last heart break
day 26- the day you regret the most
day 27- first friend
day 28- favorite drink
day 29- a letter to someone in your family
day 30- a letter to a friend
Day 9
I absolutely LOATHED the guy I like now, I thought he was a total jerk.  I could understand why everyone I knew thought he was an OK guy.  Later I found out that he was only mean to me (mostly because he liked me).
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