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Hello! I'm Inspirestar, but you can call me Lisa. I try to write Inspirational quotes but tend to write things that are really off topic as well. I'm going to try to be more active on this account, and well I hope you like what I post on here. 

Also, if anyone ever needs someone to talk to, I'm always here! :) 


Quotes by inspirestar

Don't let the demons drown you. 
On Monday, I was at the mall with my sister and her boyfriend. While looking around for a present, someone who worked there was helping us out. When we left, I looked over to my sister and said, That guy was pretty cute, she gives me the wierdest look. You do know that was a girl, right ? she replies. I look over to her and find that she was completely serious. Never in my life have I ever felt more lesbian. (or mean for thinking she was a guy) XD
And have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe....

they liked you back too?
The simple thought of you makes me smile. You can do the most stupidest things and yet, those those are what brings tears of laughter down my face. I never thought you would be mine. When i first met you, you seemed so out of my reach. I never expected to fall for you. But hey, the greatest things in life are never planned. We may be young, but I truly hope our love lasts. Because I honestly think that I couldn't live without you. You're my second half baby, And that, is something serious to me. I've always been afraid of falling. My own parents are proof of what destroyed and shattered love looks like. They can't even have a nice conversation without ending up yelling at each other. But babe, you've lit up my world like I never expected. So, whenever I say, "I love you," I mean it. Whenever we hold hands, I'm the happiest girl alive. Whenever we kiss, I always get that spark. Yea, we'll face problems like any other couple, we already have, and we will now, but we will and we are going to face them together. Baby, please don't ever give up on me. I know I can be difficult. I know I can sometimes be stern. I know I'm not that skinny. (You're actually skinnier then I am) I know that I'm not the nicest person all the time, I know I'm not the girl with the biggest boobs, or the prettiest face, but baby, you make me feel beautiful.
For every favorite this gets, I will post an honest confession
Remember me?
I'm the girl who always had your back, who you always vented your problems to, who you made believe was your best friend.
I thought you were real, but I was wrong.
You've killed me inside in so many ways.
Thanks for turning my other friends against me.
Thanks for making my boyfriend believe some sh// lies you probably told him
You won.
I give in.

Enjoy everything while it lasts
so...i got my first kiss on Halloween :)
Things will get better. I promise.
Dont be the reason you have doubts