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Quotes by insywincyspider

so in love that I acted insane
and thats the way I loved you

 when you fall in love, the vental tegmental area of the brain floods the caudate nucleus with dopamine
then the caudate signals for more dopamine
,the more dopamine, the higher a person feels.
this same system is activated when you take cocaine

let that sink in
dont you just hate it when reality catches up.
because i do

because fandudes are amazing
life is a roller coaster,
so be a thrill seeker

when i was younger, i got the peace hand sign and the two finger swearing hand sign confused.
my mother and i had a pretty intense conversation about innaproppriate language after she saw the photos on her camera after my school trip. thank you friends. as much as i love you, you tend to take advantage of my awkwardness.

those girls who wear neon 'swag' tshirts and fake glasses. no. just no.

But the day I fear,
is the day when I stop believing in true love

and your heart's against my chest,
your lippressetmneck,
im falling for your eyes,
but they dont know me yet

dont you see the starlight,
dont you dream [impossible] dreams