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Hello World. Because Witty got updated, I have to start this whole thing over again. Yay. I choose not to say my name but if you are an awesome person, then maybe I'll tell you. Honestly, Witty is like this diary to me. I put my heart into my quotes. Sometimes, I don't even write quotes in present time, I just write about my feelings occurring through other experiences. Does that make sense? I hope.

Things I like; Witty, Florence and the Machine, The Lumineers, One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Taylor Swift (sometimes), Demi Lovato, corny sayings, talking on the phone, texting is okayish, Taylor Lautner, Josh Hutcherson, Zac Efron, nail polish, this color, cursive, letters, cards, followers, Maroon 5, Pretty Little Liars, Awkward, Degrassi, The Hunger Games (book and movie), Harry Potter, Online Stories, Marina and the Diamonds, Pandora, Never Shout Never, Zayn Malik's face, writing, talking, Catfish, Ellie Goulding, Mumford and Sons, notifications, Channing Tatum, Nicholas Hoult, Reading good books, and once again; Witty. 

Things I dislike; Flirting (I'm terrible at it), awkward moments, holding back what you really want to say, jocked quotes, I'm not a fan of rap music (unless it's macklemore or just super awesome), people who can't keep a conversation going, homework, and Math.


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Also, feel free to ask me anything :) 

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Quotes by ThatWeirdGirl*

Hey guys.

It has been two months since my last quote.

I've been busy with life and so now I'm back.

I just wanted to let everyone know that,

I haven't given up on Witty

and I'm not planning to.

I hope you guys can say the same.

and so, I want to make an effort to have Witty be beyond the amazing website it used to be.

So I'm going to be posting one quote everyday.

And I challenge you guys to do the same. 

And also to favourite more quotes. 

Just please make an effort to help Witty.

And remember to share with friends and everything. 

I've always been bad at conclusions so.. I'm done.

You guys best accept my challenge. 
Or I would be sad. ):

But love you guys! 

Bye. ^.^


Is anybody else watching awkward?

I do and it legit is making me unhealthy.
It's so saddening how Matty and Jenna just broke up.
After watching last weeks episode I was in tears rocking back in forth chanting "I feel too much. I feel to much." 

How come nobody else speaks of this? 




I could be your perfect disaster

you could be my ever after  




I just want to let you know, 
if I could, I would drop everything just to see you one more time.




I wonder if

Boys get yelled at for posting shirtless pictures online,

the same way that everybody freaks out when shirtless pictures of a girl leak out because she

privately sent them to somebody that

she trusted...




Is it just me, 

or does anybody else get sad when they see somebody attractive that they know they'll never

be with?




The thing about him is

He stayed when everybody else found a reason to leave



The most rebellious thing

I've ever done happened


I have braces and there are

certain things I can't eat. I'm not supposed to eat nuts,

caramel, or bite into an apple.

But today I ate a caramel

apple covered in nuts.

So I think it's safe to say

that I'm a wild child who's

out of control.



When I was little,

I used to believe that on expressways, during roadtrips, all the cars were racing. I wasn't aware that 70% of earth was covered with

water chose to think that it was entirely made up of land and roads that lead to one place. In my mind, all the vehicles were traveling to

one destination. I remember being strapped by a seatbelt in the back of a mini van and feeling frustrated at either of my parents-

who were the ones driving- when a bigger, even better, car drove ahead of ours. For some reason, I was desperatley wanting to be in

 the car that lead the way to the one place. Regardless of wanting this, I knew that there was always going to be a faster driver in a

luxurious car that had the privledge of being ahead; along with another one that followed close behind and so on. This managed to

upset me everytime our car drove somewhere far. I felt irrelevant and small to be a part of a car that drove somewhere in the

of the long race. Middle translated to average in my mind, which to this day is something I strongly dislike and somewhat fear.

Which was weird; considering that normal kids were scared of monsters, while I was afraid of being normal. So this is dedicated to

anyone who is or someday will be a part of my life. Bare with me if I'm impulsive, or if I cry in the middle of the night. Just know that

I'm a human, who is trying to figure out a way to live. I know this doesn't excuse any of the mistakes I will someday make, but one

time I had heard that somebody wished that people had just come along with warning lables. So this is it. 

This is my warning lable.


So here I am,

trying to get

over somebody

and then they go off and do something adorable and then


I love them all over again.