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Hello World. Because Witty got updated, I have to start this whole thing over again. Yay. I choose not to say my name but if you are an awesome person, then maybe I'll tell you. Honestly, Witty is like this diary to me. I put my heart into my quotes. Sometimes, I don't even write quotes in present time, I just write about my feelings occurring through other experiences. Does that make sense? I hope.

Things I like; Witty, Florence and the Machine, The Lumineers, One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Taylor Swift (sometimes), Demi Lovato, corny sayings, talking on the phone, texting is okayish, Taylor Lautner, Josh Hutcherson, Zac Efron, nail polish, this color, cursive, letters, cards, followers, Maroon 5, Pretty Little Liars, Awkward, Degrassi, The Hunger Games (book and movie), Harry Potter, Online Stories, Marina and the Diamonds, Pandora, Never Shout Never, Zayn Malik's face, writing, talking, Catfish, Ellie Goulding, Mumford and Sons, notifications, Channing Tatum, Nicholas Hoult, Reading good books, and once again; Witty. 

Things I dislike; Flirting (I'm terrible at it), awkward moments, holding back what you really want to say, jocked quotes, I'm not a fan of rap music (unless it's macklemore or just super awesome), people who can't keep a conversation going, homework, and Math.


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Quotes by ThatWeirdGirl*

I guess the reason why

people diagnose themselves with all these mental and eating disorders is because they don't know themselves and just want to have an explanation of who they are


My biggest fear is myself

I always try to keep myself busy.
If I don't then I'll start to over think things and make myself feel like sh_t.


Me when I have a crush on someone: Asdfghjkl he drinks water, I do too! It's totally meant to be! 

I don't want a 'perfect boyfriend'.

I want someone who is equally or even messed up as I am, and I want him all too myself. If he were perfect, eveyone would line up to have him. Perfect is boring. There would be no surprises. 

We are who we are for a 

That quiet boy in your class who you think is a nerd is probably working hard to get a scholarship because he can't afford college, much less getting average grades.

That girl you think is a sl_t maybe feels numb inside and is trying to find a way to feel something to assure them that they are here and alive.

Just please don't judge and just accept other people

Endings to books like

Looking For Alaska

are the reasons I'm sad inside
We become so numb 


what we're saying
I said no more counting dollars

we'll be counting stars


hoodies. pretty leaves. great movies coming out. late night drives. buns. boots. halloween. trick-or-treating. pumpkin carving. sweatshirts. not too hot, not too cold weather. thanksgiving. getting ready for christmas. thanksgiving break. listening to music. walking anywhere at night. festivals. setting up christmas lights. black friday shopping. jumping into a pile of leaves. candy corn. meeting special people. longer nights. finding stories to tell for the future. hot drinks. scarves. cuddling. football games. pine cones. bonfires. smores. pumpkin pies. scarecrows. stargazing. going to the park. donating to charity. fireplaces. baking. scarves. 

if you have nothing to look forward to

I hope this somehow helps
Can someone please

explain to me

what sending missiles over to Syria

is going to accomplish?
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