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Hello World. Because Witty got updated, I have to start this whole thing over again. Yay. I choose not to say my name but if you are an awesome person, then maybe I'll tell you. Honestly, Witty is like this diary to me. I put my heart into my quotes. Sometimes, I don't even write quotes in present time, I just write about my feelings occurring through other experiences. Does that make sense? I hope.

Things I like; Witty, Florence and the Machine, The Lumineers, One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Taylor Swift (sometimes), Demi Lovato, corny sayings, talking on the phone, texting is okayish, Taylor Lautner, Josh Hutcherson, Zac Efron, nail polish, this color, cursive, letters, cards, followers, Maroon 5, Pretty Little Liars, Awkward, Degrassi, The Hunger Games (book and movie), Harry Potter, Online Stories, Marina and the Diamonds, Pandora, Never Shout Never, Zayn Malik's face, writing, talking, Catfish, Ellie Goulding, Mumford and Sons, notifications, Channing Tatum, Nicholas Hoult, Reading good books, and once again; Witty. 

Things I dislike; Flirting (I'm terrible at it), awkward moments, holding back what you really want to say, jocked quotes, I'm not a fan of rap music (unless it's macklemore or just super awesome), people who can't keep a conversation going, homework, and Math.


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Quotes by ThatWeirdGirl*

The last time I ate a

salad was never

- Honey Boo Boo

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I don't get

when people call each other "attention seekers" as an insult.

Like, who doesn't like attention? 


I hate that 
I'm shy and awkward and boring before I get to know you. 

It's like I just wanna scream "I'm not like this all the time I promise, 
please stay,"

Me: Ugh I'm tired. 
Person: Oh yeah? I slept 2 hours last night. 
Me: That still doesn't make me any less tired. -_-


I don't know.

A part of me wants to be a good person and all 

but the other part is to lazy and already too fu
_cked up to fix.


Talking to you

isn't as simple as it used to be &

It breaks my heart


Have any of you guys seen

Warm Bodies?

I'm going somewhere with this I promise.

So basically it's about communication. At the beginning of the movie when R (the zombie) is describing how he wishes that he had the ability to communicate, there is this scene where he pictures what it could've been like before everyone got infected. If you look carefully, everyone is using a phone, or an Ipad, or anything that's electronic. Well later in the movie the cure to the zombie infection was communication. Therefore the cause was lack of it. Nowadays, there's less human communication than ever before. I know that this won't cause something as drastic as turning into zombies but I'm scared. I'm scared that one day we won't even talk to each other anymore. I'm scared that we'll all just drift away into our electronics. Don't get me wrong; I love the internet and I love Witty. But I don't want to live my whole life behind a screen. I want to go out and meet people. I want to have and give people undivided attention instead of just looking down at my phone. I want to go to a concert and really listen and feel the music not just worry about recording with my phone. I want to interact with real people in the world. So basically what I'm saying is that we should all communicate. Try going a day without texting. Or maybe a week without using the computer. Go out and absorb everything in the world fully because life is too short to sit behind a computer screen or to just stare at your phone. Inhale the air, give sincere gestures, and just feel. I hope this makes sense and inspires some of you guys.


My friend: So I'm reading The Hunger Games
Me: Oh my gosh! Which part are you at? 
My friend: I'm at the part that--


True story.

And for a while

I do forget about you

But then I experience something totally amazing and I just can't help but wish that

you could've been

there with me

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