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           Hey I'm kaitlyn

       I am an irish dancer

        Dance is literally my life 

                      Im single, trying to find someone that will care/love/trust me 

                                    Hopefully someday I will find that person.......

Quotes by irishdancer123

Why am I so stupid?

is it bad  
that every time I think about him, 
My stomach gets all fluttery?


 what if we are all just characters

in someone's fanfiction?

01. Who was the last person to ask you to hang out? Did you agree to hang out with them?
well I was kidnapped by my friends today haha, so i guess
02. Do you need to get anything from the store right now? If so, what, and why?
maybe some ice cream, i havent had any in a while.
03. What did you last bake? Did you bake it for a special occasion?
ummm i dont cook lol
04. Have you ever had to take a stool or urine test? Why did you have to do this?
yeah, cause my doctor told me to
05. Is there a food that you eat basically every day? What food is that?
yeah, m&ms
06. Is there a food you eat that others find weird or gross?
tostitos and ice cream, i call it ice cream dip :)
07. Do you have Oovoo?
08. What was the last fast food restaurant you went to? Did you get anything? If so, what?
mcdonalds ugh, i hate this place, no way too gross for me
09. Can you remember the first video game you ever played? What about your first video gaming system?
haha i told my friend that i would never play a video game but them 15 mins later, she had me playing her ds.
10. The last video game you played - did you play alone or with someone else?
bymyself, uh i think just dance on the wii
11. If there is a disc in your computer, what disc is it?
12. Do you shut down your computer every time after you use it, or do you leave it on?
im so bad at this, i really should shut it down, but i leave it on
13. Do you know anyone who has ever been in a movie? Who and what movie were they in? What was their part?
14. Do people ever drive down your street really slowly? Does it creep you out?
nah i live on a really busy street
15. Describe the last shirt you saw that you really liked. Where did you see it?
probably something online
16. Do you live in a very diverse community?
yeah i guess
17. Did you waste your first kiss, or did it mean something to you? Do you think that people should save their first kisses just like their virginity?
havent kissed anyone yet :(
18. Do you know anyone who has had salmonella? Did you ever have it yourself? What about e coli?
19. When was the last time you brought a pet to the vet? What was wrong with it?
i personally havent brought any pets to the vet 
20. Do you get motion sick easily? If so, does it prevent you from going on any rides at amusement parks?
No, i love rides
21. Do you have any bug bites on you right now? If so, where?
no too cold for bugs
22. How many weeks of summer do you have left before you have to go back to school?
Its like 2 months into school already
23. Are you allergic to anything? If so, what, and what is your allergic reaction to it?
orange juice
24. Do you go pumpkin picking every year? Are you planning on doing so this year?
yeah, i already went
25. What about apple picking?
yes, i love it
26. Have you ever made your way through a corn maze?
27. Name something that you used to do with your family that you no longer do with them or at all:
we used to be able to talk about normal things without them yelling at me 
28. Who was the last member of your extended family to visit? Where were they visiting from?
cousin, from florida
29. When was the last time you went on a train? Where were you going?
To a dance competition in march.
30. Have you seen "Inception" yet? Thoughts on that movie?
yeah, very confusing
Do any other dancers get really upset when they aren't allowed to go to dance? I was just hysterically crying because my mom wont drive me tonight. I know that some of the street lights aren't working but I NEED TO DANCE!!! Oireachtas is in like 20 days!

Ugh sorry for the rant just really angry and upset.

No matter how fast you run
the killer in a horror movie can always catch up to you by walking really slowly

On October 3rd, he asked

me what day it was


starting Monday, it's
\\\\  WITTY WEEK  ////

All week, every Wittian is to write a W on BOTH their hands. Keep those W's renewed, every day all day!


So wait, is everyone writing a "w" on their hands tomorrow?