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-Cold weather

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I'm sorry if I favorite your quote from like 4 years ago,
but sometimes I forget I'm on someone's page and
not just scrolling through the top quotes.


So today in math,

we were learning a lesson and my teacher wanted to "spice it up" so all throughout the lesson he had pictures of different spices and facts about the spices and he had links to websites explaining how these spices could benefit your health and on the last page it was a picture of the spice girls and if that doesn't sum up my school I don't know what will

20 ways to see the world

or 20 ways to start a fight
"'I dont have friends.'
He told his mother,  
'Just associates. Friends you trust.'"

When did it

become so


to actually like


When I was in elementry school I had absoloutly no concept of money so I once paid someone $30 to so two pages of spelling homework for me.

Thirty Dollars.

It really stinks when


lose someone because

you see or  hear

something that


you of them and you 

want to tell

them about it, but you



You won't

understand my

story until you

textmark it for

themes and



How do people

even do backflips

and stuff? I can't

even flip my



messing up.


Never sacrafice

who you are

just because

someone else

has a problem with it.