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Quotes by irishgirlx481

and you'll never know it but the words you said
 meant the world to me

just venting really quickly
and when i saw you cry it broke my heart, 
you were my world and you made my summers
you always seemed so far away but when i was
with you it was like i never left 
 your strength made me stronger 
and I know i didn't tell you as often as i should 
but i love you and you changed my life unconditionally
rest and peace i love you always and forever <3

& just know when you leave you'll be missed
ill miss your laugh and our talks
I just don't know if i can handle this


And as i blast the music from my speakers i

forget about reality
and listen to the words of my favorite artist spilling their thoughts.

I remember when I used to be the happiest,
 spunkiest person alive. Nothing 
could get me down for
 very long. I smiled
all the time and laughed nonstop. I
 still see
glimpses of that girl 
sometimes, but not much.
I miss her. She was a good kid.

not mine just wanted to save it somewhere



 Boy, I Didn't wanna fall for you.
But it's too late for that now,
Get ready because here
I come. I'm fallin hard 
J u s t- b e- t h e r e 

to catch me.   <3

oh. that's cute.
you thought I "brought it back"
 I   i n v e n t e d   i t.

credit to photo bucket, hope you likkke(;
 The weight of the world  has been on my sholders for so long
but when did it get so
DAMN heavy?

made by mee<3

i barelly even said hello
before i fell for him
and now i just cant let go,
i cant accept that he doesn't want me
& that he wants her,
I can't accept that
and now I'm hurting more than ever 
& all for this stupid boy.
I'm in trouble, I'm an addict, i'm addicited to this boy *
he's got my heart tied in a knott, and my stomach in a whirll ((«3))