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One more fucking love song i'll be sick

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hi i'm marianna and i'm just another fucked up teenager trying to find a place in this world. i'm sixteen years old. i'm single, and not looking rn. chocolate, cuddling, baggy sweatshirts, tea, shopping, food are some things that i like. leave a comment to know more. lol i suck at these shut up ~

Quotes by istayswaggerific

                                                          me: i'm so full omg i'm not gonna eat for days
are those brownies

baby you light up my world like nobody else

nigguh i'm black how the f*ck do i light up
Whale you be my valentine?



                                          me: DUUUUDE I JUST SAW YOU ON TV!
                                          friend: OMG OMG WHAT CHANNEL?
                                                                           me: animal planet.


Graduation Speech:

"I would like to thank Wikipedia and

I'm out b*tches."



Each girl has that one boy that they will never lose feelings for.

So young, 

so damaged.
cool story.

cool story? how about i push you down a hill and when you're screaming i'll be like, "cool story." 

here, leme wipe that bullshit off your mouth. 

smile wide for thhaters.