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Oh Heeyy Theree !  Im a cheerleader from cowtown USA (; Follow mee I follow back (; Oh and I want a witty bestfrann , someone funn and a littlee bitt crazyy .  any takers  ? 

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Dear Parents,

I'll stop sneaking food into my room

When you start allowing food in my room.

*a quote shouldn't need a pretty format to get faves*
Awe , I look happy ?
Well, guess what .

Im not .
Parents: Get better grades.
Teacher: Study harder.
Friends: Have more time to hangout.
Boyfriend: Be prettier.
Me: Im sorry Im not perfect...

me after running for one minute:  im still alive but im barely breathing.


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... i feel special now .
When you write all your problems on witty
and your friend says "hey I found your witty"
... and you have to delete half your quotes .

Just me ?
That feeling when he
flirts with her

It's funny how sitting boy girl, boy girl
was a punishment when we were little.