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Hey there! okay so uhm, im becca. i love my bestfriends; kayla, gianna & anne marie-- they're my life! i'm quite random...&i absolutely love harry potter♥ followme! kbyee(:

maybe someday,

you'll realize i was absolutely head-over-heels in love with you.
you'll realize exactly how much you  h u r t  me.
you'll realize i was there for you no matter what.
you'll realize you left the only person who's never left your side.
you'll realize i was the only girl who knew you inside and out,
and still loved everything about you.



Quotes by italiancheerleader

boy, if you could just
see how much she loves you...
but i never told you, what i should have said. no i never told you,
i just held it in.
i hate that it's so complicated
   give me a chance to love you,

i'll tell you the only reason why;
cause youuuuu...

are on my mind. 

J.K. Rowling's books are so unrealistic.
I mean; A
ginger kid with two friends? Yeah. Right.

just a small town g i r l
and here's to  you,
- - - - - > the one to blame. the one who messed up everythang. he chose you and there's nothing i can do. and while you sit alone with him, take a bow cause now you    w i n .  


Attempting to forget him:


99% complete...
ERROR! Unable to forget everything we ever had..

i still have feelings for
you.  </3 
 i still wait on that one day that will never come...