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  Hi, i'm Lindsey♥

"Good Morning Sexual". I'm Lindsey! 16 years young. Food is life.Love youuu beautiful <3

Quotes by itbemelx25

My mom was like im scared youre gonna mess up my computer just like you mess up everything else....
thank you mom i really appreciate you saying that to me. :/

LOL so this kid in my school did a to be honest so i liked it and he said "tbh ive never met you or talked to you but you looked like a b.itch"
why thank you i really appreciate your judgmental nature. btw youre correct

LOL all my friends suck

I feel like all my friends hate me when i talk to them
sorry for wanting to have a friend..

All my friends who said theyd be there for me whenever, arent anymore
but i shouldve seen it coming...everyone leaves me at some point..
Music is there to listen and help me through it all,
 when my friends arent

That moment when...
you realize a lot of boys
have joined witty.

I have a question!!!

How do you get pictures on 

your profile! 

Please Help.


Life isn't about waiting for the storm
to pass..
its about learning to

dance in the

Dear Witty Girls,
Today Something Great happened, the boy who I thought was over me told my bestfriend he was waiting for me.(I cant date yet) He said I was the best thing in his life and he was willing to wait for me. That guy finally made me feel good enough.<3
He broke up with his POPULAR girlfriend today<3