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~I love you~

I'm lost in a sea of


But that's okay
Because you are my light house and I know you will be there to guide me to shore. <3



Why are you mad at me?
I'm not.
It seems like it -_-
Well me no angry.
Well, you no talk to me anymore...
I'm busy

He had no idea how bad he hurt me with those words...


I miss the girl,

that I used to be.


I'm ridin solo... :D
Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer.
*Do you know your unlike any other.*
~You'll~ always be my thunder.

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Today is a winding road.
Tell me where to start And tell me something I don't know, whoa Today I'm on my own, I can't move a muscle And I can't pick up the phone, I don't know


We do it in the dark,
with smiles on our faces <3

.It's that moment.

 When the world is crashing all around you. And you want to give in. That You Need To Stay Strong


I.Have. A. .Skill...

I just took off my shirt, and bra, put on my sports bra, and a new shirt All while still wearing my sweatshirt. ♥


Is it sad...
That when he tells me he has to ask me something, my heart pounds?