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Hey beautiful, Julia here.
14 and I blow out the candles on December 2nd.
My best friend: LiveCrazyLoveLoud
I love all my followers! You guys are amazing, and I love you.
I love music, it's my life. My favorite albums right now are Unbroken and Take Care. My favorite artists consist of Eminem, Drake, Demi Lovato, The Script, The Fray, Jessie J, and Parachute.♥
I'm always available to talk to people. Literally like the only thing that makes me happy is to help people, because it makes me feel like I have a purpose.
My advice email is

Quotes by its_okay_not_to_be_okay

I think it's strange
that you think I'm funny

'cause he never did.♥


Okay so my phone went down my bra and my sister tried to get it for me and I was like "DON'T RETRIEVE IT!"

BravoSierra's format
we're 'bout to make some memories tonight.♥


I know thagoodbye

means nothing at all. 

Comes back and makes me catch her everytime she falls.


And it really makes m
wonder if I ever gave
a  f/ck  about  you.


There you go again
making me 

love you.


If you're looking for heaven, baby,
isure ahelain't me.


Time slows down,
whenever you're around.

Plot Twist: This quote does exist.

 Sometimes you make me feel so small,
I f
orget that I eveexist 

at all.