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My name is ana & im not like other girls...
♥im even better(;♥ |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

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I get called ugly all the time...
am i really that ugly...?

Yu TypE Liike Disz & cNt SpelL tu SavE Yur Lyfe, you spend most of your money on drugs & alcohol . . . your only what, 14 ? 15 ? oh right your a cool kid. Maybe you should take a break from all that stuff & go get a higher education...cause obviously you need one. 


I just swerved on em' sorta like i missed that deer.
& i pressed the little button
on the sitback chair!
-Nicki minaj(; 


                                      Kidlizzie <3 check her out (;

                                 just saying <3


I'm not saying im perfect, In fact i'm far from it... i'm just saying i'm~

Worth it 

nmf, <3 quote by: softball143 (:

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