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Hi! My name is Emily and I'm 14. All of the people from my school found my other witty, so this is my new one.
I love music, I ride horses, and I vault on horses too. I follow back just ask :) I also love piercings :) I've got 5 so far and I'm planning on getting a lot more. Aaaand I'm a directioner. 1D: 7/28/13

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Quotes by itsemily

The only thing I regret in life
is not being there when you
took your last breath. 

It's been two months since she earned 
her angel wings, but I still miss her. 
Last night I had the weirdest dream
Billy Ray Cyrus kept getting mad at this guy for stealing his wig and after a while he was just like "Screw this." And he went and stole Hannah Montana's wig and then dip dyed it his hair color. 
you feel alone. I moved when I was 8 from California
to Oregon. I used to be the popular girl all the way to 2nd
grade. I went to my new school for less than a week. Nobody
accepted me, so I switched schools. The new school was even worse
everyone was really strict. I was constantly bullied for two years.
There was never one day when I didn't come home crying. I
missed out on making childhood friends until I was almost 13. I
was alone for more than six years. To this day, I have abandonment
issues and my biggest fear is being left alone. So all you people
out there complaining about not having friends, I grew up not
having friends. I only have three friends. I've lost some of my
closest friends that meant a lot to me. I know what it feels like,
but for you it's temporary. My only "friends" growing up were,
Harry Potter, Drake and Josh, and Zack and Cody. 

Believe me, I know what it feels like.

Shaved legs and fresh bed sheets are the best combination ever, no boy will fully understand such luxuries. 

I just want to tell
thank you to my friends who abandoned me exactly how much it hurt
and thank them for making me stronger.



I have a youtube channel and I've got a couple videos and it would mean so much to me if you watched/liked them.

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Sometimes I just want to go home
and wear sweatpants insead of skinny jeans
glasses instead of contacts

and an wear old t-shirt


I am always either super hyper or insanely lazy
there is no in between.