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Quotes by itsemma1

Iguns kill people,
 Then pencils misspell words,

Cars make people drive drunk,
And spoons make you fat.

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Brandon Cyrus'
profile picture is absolutely disgusting.


 That depressing moment

when your gum loses flavor.


"No matter how good you are at something,
there is always going to be an 8 year old Asian
who is better.."

-Ellen Degenres
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I dream because

there is no other way it will happen.

 me & my boyfriend

have an adorable game where I pretend to be "just a big fan" of his acting & he pretends that he doesn't know I exist.

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Every seven year
our bodies change every cell. Every seven years, we disappear.

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the awkward moment when 
  your older brother throws 8 rolls of toilet paper at your head and then unfriends you on Facebook...



Last night at 11:12,
HE texted me telling me he loves me. It was like a fairytale came true.

LOL JK. Last night I fell asleep before 11:11 pm because I was exhausted and I didn't even get to make a fricken wish. 

Just Think...
we could've walked past a celebrity on the streets before they were famous, and we would've never known.