Status: "The best thing about tonight is that we're not fighting"
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STATUS:Someone should talk to me(:
Miranda|15|Single 15 years young.
Dancing since 2.
On Witty since 2009.
Have a million accounts. 
Friends. Music. Bisexual. Bipolar. Cutter. Anorexic. Photography. Reading. Stop Motions.
My witty bestfriend is AutumnxSkyline
We met this winter c:
us down there in the collage c: vvvv
Leave me a comment if you wanna talk, I don't bite(:
Kik: whorrendous

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Quotes by itsjustinvisibleme

I don't see food anymore. 
All I see is numbers.
Happy Self-Harm Awereness Day.
If anyone needs to talk. 
Leave me a comment. 
My facebook, twitter, &kik are all on my profile.
I'll gladly give you my number. 
Just ask.
I want to help.

My body is a masterpiece
filled with scars and cuts
you say I'm "perfect"
but darling I'm anything but.


I'm not going back to therapy.
I refuse.
I understand that you'll never love me as much as you love her.
But when you say make me go asdfghjkl<3
I'm nothing to you now? But I was your everything 3 days ago..
You know, these "What ifs"

What if you're his princess?

But he's not your prince?


You said "I promise I'll never leave you."
What a fuucking lie.
Promises will always be broken. Wether they're made by your 'best friend' or boyfriend or a family member. Promises are made to be broken I guess.