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I'm Jocelyn.



Quotes by itslashellebitchezz

It takes a second to say "love."

It takes a lifetime to prove it.

I mentally murder

people I don't like.


Disney Channel

yneeds to stop making these new shows for 5 year olds & keep the good stuff like Hannah Montana & the Suite Life. -_-



The best feeling ever 

 is when you're 10000 miles away from him
& you can still picture that perfect smile.

For all of you who aren't too good with grammar,

you're = you are, like "you're pretty."
your shows possession, like "your pencil."
to shows direction, like "I'm going to dinner."
too shows addition, not like math, but like "me too."
two is a NUMBER.

Summer '11 
snow = sun
pale = tan
jeans = booty shorts
boots = flip flops
jerks at school = hot guys at the beach


I'm a teenager 
& I speak 3 languages:
& Swearing.


JK. I'm not going anywhere. I just don't want to talk to you. 

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