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I'm Jocelyn.



Quotes by itslashellebitchezz

If 9134168 people fave this,
my imaginary friend, who's a dinosaur, won't hang himself tonight.

Please fave it. It will show him you care.

You sir,
deserve a hand job from 
Edward Scissorhands.


I always think
about how cool it'd be to live in my school. ♥

I __ you.
A) Love<3
B) Miss :(
C) Neeeeed :I
D) All of the Above.


"Are you ready, kids?"
Well then you're deaf.

All girls want;
a lap to sit on,

a hand to hold,
a shoulder to lean on,
a partner to dance with,
the perfect lips to kiss,
a hand to wipe away the tears,
a person to vent and cry to,
& a love that will never fade.


If guys only knew
how attractive they are when they;

play with little kids,

hold babies,

& give girls their jackets.

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