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Quotes by itsnitzan

They laughed at us that by the end of the year we'll fall in love.
I said I don't believe in love and you just smiled.
I should have known you'll be like the others.
Leave me like them.
Do you remember the secrets I told you?
Do you remember all the fun we had?
All the laughs?
All those sleepless nights we spent talking on the phone?
Where are they? Where are you? Where is my best friend?
I'm going to tell you one more secret- I never cried when I realized I lost you. I  guess I always knew you will.
I love you so much its hurts
I know you'll never love me
because boys don't fall in love with sad girls...
Let's run away 
as far as we can 
as soon as we can 
before I'll lose my mind
i don't care where
just far away 
you don't know me
you can't know me,
because i don't know who i am