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I  love  you.  I hate you. Baby,   please stay.

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Samantha is the name.
Get that right or get out.
18 -- wild & free.
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team pansexual
Feb 4th is the day to celebrate me.
smoker, stoner, give da guys boners.
party princess, straight-up, and super f-cking cool.
I can be a heartless  b-tch, but I'm always honest.
I live with my headphones in & the volume blasting.
I like to dance//rave//read//write.
Harry Potter & The Mortal Instruments.
young & reckless.
get at me.

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Quotes by Princess B-tch*

It was January of that year and the wind blew so hard it shook my house. You shook your head and said the winter would never be as cold as me. I wasn’t sure if you were talking about my fingers that were interlaced with yours- you always said they felt like ice- or they way I blocked everyone out and left them frostbite if they touched me.

April came along and so did that monstrous thunderstorm. We shut off all the lights and lit candles and built a fort and you whispered in my ear how much you loved me.  I let you take me to a place I had never been and when the candles had all blown out we sat whispering back and forth in the dark. You said you couldn’t imagine your life without me. I took the tree of life charm off my necklace and placed it in your palm. “You are my life.”

I remember July that year when it was so hot everything melted: ice cream, sunblock, and me when I saw you under the midnight moon. You kissed my neck even though it was drenched in sweat and I laughed when you told me that that’s what true love is about. The summer sun could not compare to a love as bright as ours.

The leaves fell in September and we went to the school dance. You kissed my forehead and told me I felt like home. That night we took your truck out to that bonfire and had our own dance under the stars. I said you are the only home I've ever known.

December came and it was the coldest of all. It had just started to snow that night when we arrived at Jessica’s party. You saw your little sister kissing a boy four years older and wanted to get out. You kissed me goodbye and your lips tastes like alcohol and cigarettes. It must have been one drink too many because you crossed the center line and the Semi couldn’t see you from around the curve. The only thing they found of you was a tree shaped charm.

I don’t really like whiskey but you can smell it on my breath & Malboro isn’t my brand but I’ll smoke one now and then to remember your taste that night. I’ve looked for you at the bottom of bottles and in cigarette butts but I can’t seem to find a trace of you. I visited your grave and I swear I felt you there. I screamed at the empty road that I was sorry and I begged you to come home. The silence that replied let me know that you're gone and I'm alone.


So I haven't been on in a while, sorry about that guys. I'm also not going to spend time making this quote pretty or anything. I've been going through to many things to spend time online. First of all, my sister has been battling cancer for over a year now. I've watched her have a seizer and go into a coma- I've seen her on the verdge of death and come back. Along with that, I've graduated high school and started the rest of my life, as they say. I'm going to move out of my house in November into my own apartment with a couple of very close friends. I've recently got myself into a load of bulls--it and I don't know what I'm going to do about it.
It is so crazy thinking I started going on Witty profiles when I was in 8th grade, 2009, and now its so many years later and here I am. Witty has helped me through so many things and it's so crazy to think of all the memories it holds and how much I have changed since I made that very first quote. I can't make any promises but I swear one day I am going to be a published author and I swear that i will mention this is one of my stpries somehow, somewhere
I do
n't think you guys will be seeing me again. I'm not officially leaving, but I do not think I will be coming on anymore. I grew out of witty. The girl who joined this is a completely different girl. I do not know her. She is a stranger to me. I mainly wrote this as a goodbye to myself. So I can let go of my past. And with every word I type, I feel more free.
You are the moon.

Whole,  but



If you keep building these walls,

                                             brick by brick tower so tall.
                                   Soon I won't see you at all, till the concrete angel falls.
                                                     x||||||||||||I knew how you were from the start »
                                               But now I don't know who you are.


I just want someone to help keep the sheets warm.


I'm in love.

I was texting this guy and
I said "I want pizza." The next thing I know?


Cause you are the piece of me

I wish I didn't need.  Chasing  relentlessly. Still fight & I don't know why.
If our love is tragedy,
W h y   a r e   y o u   m y    r e m e d y  ? 
If our love is insanity,
W h y   a r e   y o u   m y   c l a r i t y ? 

W i l l   y o u   f i n d   a n y   t r a c e   o f   m e ?  ♥ 

I just really f//cking miss you.
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Do you know what that means? It's a textual repentaion for a visual hand symbol. Thumb, index, and pink finger up, middle finger and ring finger down and clenched in. Do you know what it means?  It's sign language for "I love you," and aslo, now known for Stand For the Silent, an anti-bully project, that means:
I support you, and I will always have your back. Stand for the silent was created when Kirk's 11 year old son, Ty Smalley, commited suicide due to bullying.
Local teenagers, just like you and I, had heard what happened, and created a group. Today, Kirk came to talk to my school. It one was of the 23 schools in the united states that he had picked. This expirance for me was lifechanging. The mission: stop bullying. Here, on witty, most of us have had to face bullies. People, WE CAN BE THE CHANGE. You know who else is in on this project? Predident Obama, and his wife. Oh yeah, and Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga cares about YOU. Please, do some research on this and find ways to increase awareness on bullying. Bring this to your school's attetion. We can be a part of the change to end bullying. Did you know, Kirk has a list of 900 kids in the world that have commited suicide because of bullying? And that's just the one's he has. There are many more. Did you know, the youngest person on that list was six years old? six. That poor boy will remain six forever. Did you know, every SEVEN SECONDS someone in the world is being: abused, neglected, harrassed, embarassed, humiliated, and in a sum of it all, bullied. Every. Seven. Seconds. If you want to stop this, take this pledge. Ready? Here we go:

"From this day forward I promise to respect those around me, as well as

respect myself. I AM SOMEBODY, and I can make a difference. I can make

another feel loved. I can be the helping hand that leads another back to  a path

of hopeand apsiration. I WILL NOT STAND SILENT as others try to spread

hatredthrough my community. Instead, I pledge to lift up these victims and

show themthat their lives matter. I will be the change because


I love you all. I always have your back. lmL

Stand For The Silent