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amanda torres ♥ 

Quotes by itssmeeamandaaa

Only Dogs Like Bones;
Real Men Like Curves 

I miss you more than I like to admit 

good luck trying to find someone who cares like i did
who understands you like i do
who is forgiving like i am
& when you realize theres no one out there like me
i wont be where you left me

Baby i'm the best, so you can't do better 

Have i mentioned how much i love you lately? 

I'd rather be physically hurt rather than emotionally.
Because you can put a band-aid on a finger,
but you can't put one on your heart.  ♥

What makes her so perfect?  

Since when were we strangers? 

Its messed up isnt it? 
How all of a sudden someone wakes up and decides to never talk to you again

The longer i wait, the more that i'm afraid.
That someone is gonna fool your heart
And take you away