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Bieberculosus - n.         d over heals ,         with Justin Bieber ;       worse than                  e r ! 

looks like i have it ( x

never wanted it to end
i   never  wanted to let go
you took a     c h a n c e ,
g a v e                          u p
and              left me alone
only  o n e   f r i e n d  left
all     of      them      gone
d r i f t e d   away from me
we don't       talk anymore
not         even         a word
this is only the beginning
and my lesson is learned

i n iii

                                                                                                                                                         when i'm with you ,
i get this warm , fuzzy feeling in my heart( :

i didn't want to loose you
but i guess                      Xx
i ran out of time             ///
- - -     and in the time being
i still don't have you back ...

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don't you wish people actually cared ? ... i know i do .


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