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Witty. :)

Quotes by ivanadesigner

when i wait in the car and you run into the store to grab a few things i watch you walk your walk and i can't hope but smile to myself.

Made by a card in ride aid but it's so sweet

Idea and everything by IvanaDesigner and EmilyDesigner


Admit it....
At some point in life, you've tried to see if you have superpowers

I'm a cuddler.


Had a fortune cookie.
ate it.
My fortune was....
when one door closes
another witll open.


some  call  it  stalking 

i call it love

 i  want  a  bestfriend  that  is  a boy.

all i know i learned from


shoot first, ask questions later

adults are stupid and must be destroyed

broccoli is disgusting and
 must be destroyed

Pancakes are highly addictive

Children programing  is dangerous

hide the plans for your time machine

never jump on the bed

it's important to own land

don't trick out your trycical

don't leave bodies in the trunk

kill the man in white

the world is for taking

we will all bow to stewie griffin

It's good to be bad



People aren't perfect...
♥except when they smile♥




why did sally tie bells to her ears? she wanted to make earings <3