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welcome to a preview of my boring yet mysterious life

the name is grace

cross country

dried mangos
bfvsgf (or prankvsprank)

these are a few of my favorite things

Things i hate:
tracker jackers

my future life
future college: RUTGERS WOOO 
future husband: teehee i'm not telling you
other facts: i want a guinea pig farm
and i want a lime green golf cart

warning: i'm weird.


jessy17,follow that cool cat
meet my younger sister, 
and this bad bad bad girl, lovecrazy

and this girl, BeautifullyImperfect

Quotes by iwishiwasbeautiful

Dear Jersey Shore,
If I wanted to watch talking carrots, I would've watch Veggie tales.



(ba ba ba ba banana ba ba ba ba banana)
Bananaaaaaa Potato naaaaa Bananaaaaaa Tokarino potato li kani malo mani kanoti ca (ba ba ba ba banana ba ba ba ba banana) Yo plano poo laqua nolotu ma banana La kanupi ta lamu (ba ba ba ba banana ba ba ba ba banana) Potatooooooo Tokarino potato li kani malo mani kanoti ca ba ba ba ba bananaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

oh. despicable me
Le teacher handing back school pictures
omg these are so ugly, no one look at these!
guys: look at this sexy beast.


The national animal of Scotland is the

alright. i'm moving.
I want to thank my 150 followers!

Shoutout to
you're my 1st follower and I absolutely love you♥

i have three words for everyone.
you are pulchritudinous.



when life gave lady gaga lemons

she made them into a dress.




i have survived
12 days of school.
6.5% of school completed.

this is gonna be a long year.

i have three words
happy birthday steve!
we can't ever thank you enough for creating Witty
words can not explain how much we love you for everything
we wish you the best!♥

~your fellow wittians
i would be dead without music 
to be honest,
some quotes here on witty make me want to cry from laughing, cry from joy, or break down in tears.

i need to stop crying