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Sup, I'm Atalaya, and I think you're cool. Probably. I am an amateur author and I admire The Wombats, TDCC, and Lana Del Rey. Logan Lerman is my main man >.< Love you guys!
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If I wrote a story,
would you read it?


maybe someday

talking    to    me 

(c) iwishuponawhale | atalaya
i just hope it's your

 that splatter
not mine

jump into the fog // wombats
she didn't have any idea
who was right and who was wrong
she just cowered in the corner
and listened to some slow, sad songs

he wondered if she even knew
how bad and dead she was turning
even the snow was melting off
and just becoming nothing


you're too young; you're never gonna know
what hit me when i fell down
in silence

Oh, take me as I am

or not at all.

how long has it been?
S O   L O N G   I   A L M O S T   D O N ' T   R E M E M B E R
all you lovely wittian peoples
> > > > > > > D O  Y O U  R E M E M B E R  M E ? < < < < < < <

Silly, foolish girl.
Why would he care about you?

confession of the day 12/18/12.
I would hate to be called 'babe' or 'baby.' I want somebody to call me darling and rub my back and hug me and understand me.

You were mine
for the summer,
Now we know it's
really over.
Feels like snow
in September,
but I always
will remember.
You were mine,
summer love.
You always will
be mine,

summer love.

summer love--one direction