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lol im not dead youre all just stupid :))))
I changed my mind. I'm jumping. In 10 minutes I'll be dead. Bye.
Bye beautifuls. ♥ have a fantastic life. You ALL deserve it.
Happiness is expensive.
Here's my plan, and it's actually quite simple: Tonight.. at around 11 p.m. I will go to the parks lighthouse. It's approximatley 160 feet tall. I plan on bringing some alcohol and drugs with me. I'm going to get drunk. I shall also bring some pills. I will take as much as possible. It will numb me. And when I'm done. I'm going to jump. 160 feet down. Into the rocks and water. There's no way in hell I will come out clean, and maybe I'll die. Maybe I'll end up paralyzed. Maybe I'll forget my memory. Forget everyone. Forget what happened. Start fresh. Yes, that is what I will do. Jump.
Suicide is all I can think about.
And to me you were a book.. but to you I was just a chapter in yours.
lol, i hate highschool.
And in less then 20 minutes I'll be gone. Forever. It's over. &hearts you won.