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^No, not at all :D


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I don't like when gum is white... I don't know why, I just don't... Like, it needs like some flavor crystals in it or something at least.

We scream
We shout

we   are   the   fallen   angels  

me and him on facebook:

I'm cold.
*holds u*

:) now come over here and do that for real
I wish

hehe I found that to be so cute<3

Wanna go to the dance with me?
sure.. I didnt think you would want to go to something like that...
Well I didnt want to at first but I kinda feel like I owe it to you for being a dick, that and I REALLY wanna dates chu :) <3 
awww :) so are you going to stick to this then?
yes. I'm getting my suit this weekend.
ok :) because if I get a dress for nothing then you're dead :D and you're off to a good start :) 


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boy:I love you.
(Hold curser over this quote)

h a a z a a h h h ' s f o r m a t


I want to go back to the time when I was little and everyone was still alive. I want to go back to the time when I could lay there and have someone hold me and rub my nose until I fell asleep.
it's only getting worse. 


I know no one cares, but I just have to say,

I hate the way you look at me with disgust and disdain. I hate the way no one talks to me and no one really cares, I hate the way under my eyes look, filled with tiredness and fear. I hate feeling like I'm unwanted by people, why can't I have one person who makes me feel like I am needed in their life? I hate how she had to leave me before I could really see just how amazing she was to me, and appreciate it fully. I hate the way I have no one to rely on. I hate the way you can do that to me, but I can't do it back. I am sick of being the one who has to tip-toe on egg shells, I want to be the one who can speak their mind. Most of all I hate crying about everything basically every night. I shouldn't have to cry about things that others take for granted. I know no one cares, and no one reads these, I just thought I'd get it out there. Maybe I'll heal.


Wow, what a fantastic format! I

am going to use- oh... it's an ad.

*awkwardly keep scrolling down*


I Hate The Way I Look,
when I look at myself I want to cry because I hate what I see. Shopping just makes me lose any confidence that I might have had. My legs are disgusting with broken vessels, the big mole on my arm makes me stay away from wearing short sleeves and the big fat roll on my stomach prevents me from wearing tank tops. The dark purple bags under my eyes make a wonderful addition to my face along with the hair that grows there that has to be plucked and shaved.  
It's almost not worth it to try. 


When I get grounded,
my mom says I have to go to a friends house
because I am always at home 


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