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^No, not at all :D


Quotes by iwritesinsnottragities

Becoming quiet and trying to awkwardly fade into the background after you say something stupid.

Do you think of me like i do you?
Do you talk about me to your friends like I do?
Do you feel happy to see me like I do when I see you?
Do you like me like I like you?

Guys with tattoos ♥

I wonder if he talks about me to his friends...

You think about the guy you like constantly, but you know he never thinks of you

I wish he would stop being so confusing </3
I think witty should have a detox weekend once every month
I hate when a song comes on and I am like "Yeah! This is my jam!" and then I start singing it and I sing the wrong words and everyone stares at me like "Pft. I thought you said this was your jam."
Be my hero,
Be my slave,
Be my hope,
Be my air
But most importantly,
Please be there

I wish he didn't start ignoring me. I wish he would still talk to me and hold my hand and hug me like he used to. Because honestly we weren't even going out in the first place. How can you break up with someone that you were never in a relationship with in the first place?

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