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Love Is Nothing.
Chapter Two.

I stared at Miles as he walked away with his head low. I wanted to cry. I wanted everything to be perfect again. But it couldn't. There was a baby boy involved and Miles had ruined everything. My best friend Megan ran up to me. "Leah what just happened?!" she squealed. "Miles wants me back and I said no." I sighed. "What the hell? Um, take him back? I thought you wanted everything to be perfect?!" she frowned. "I can't. I had his baby and he refused to take care of his own son and he left me," I glared. "Oh my gosh, Leah. That's what you do, you push people away. Give him a chance, he seems like he really wants to meet his son, and he obviously still likes you," she said. "Whatever!" I snapped. I walked to my first class, homeroom. My teacher greeted me right away. I was her favorite. "Hi Leah," she smiled. "Hi Miss Martella," I said nervously. "How's Jace?" she asked sweetly. "He's good.." I said. "Good," she smiled. I walked to my seat.

Miss Martella was pretty much the only person I could trust. She was really helpful when Miles dumped me and when I had Jace. She's like my best friend.

At the end of school, I drove to my mom's to pick up Jace. I knocked on the door and walked in. "Mom, I'm here," I shouted. She walked in with Jace. "Hi Jace!" I smiled and picked him up. "Thanks mom," I said and walked out. I drove home to work on homework and I put Jace down for a nap. My phone rang. Miles. I sighed and picked it up. "Hi ?" I sighed. "Leah, please take me back," he pleaded. "No, Miles," I groaned. "At least let me meet my son," he said.

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Love Is Nothing.
The Introduction.

"You may sit wherever you'd like," my homeroom teacher announced to us. I walked awkwardly to the middle of the classroom. I set my bag down and just sat there. I looked up and saw Miles McClelland walking to the seat behind me. I froze and my eyes widened. I've had a crush on Miles since third grade, and now we were sophomores.

The teacher started talking, but all I could think about was my crush sitting behind me. Someone tapped my shoulder. I jumped and turned around. Miles was smiling at me. "What?" I asked, sounding irritated. "What was your name again?" he smiled. "Leah, pronounced Lay-uh," I explained it. "Oh, cute name. You're really pretty too," he said, still smiling. ~~~

I heard cries from the other room. I struggled to get out of bed. I walked over to Jace's room and picked him up from his crib. "Don't cry, mama's here," I whispered and rubbed his back. He stopped crying and I carried him to the kitchen. I made his formula and fed him. My phone rang. The screen lit up. Miles. I pressed ignore. "Tell your daddy to stop calling me, Jacie-Poo," I sighed.

full format credit to theHeart.

The Witty Academy

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 [Part  II ]
The plane landed and I stared out my tiny window. California was a lot different compared to New York. I grabbed my luggage and got off the plane. I saw a lot of teenage girls. Which said a lot. I figured they were all here for Witty Academy. I felt really akward around them. I walked out front and got a taxi.
The taxi pulled up to the dorm building. It was huge. I dragged my suitcase up to the building. I walked inside and it was really nice. The lady at the desk greeted me.
"Hello! Welcome to Witty Academy!" she smiled and shook my hand.
"Hi.. um I'm Kenzie," I said nervously.
"Oh, okay!" she smiled and went through some papers. "Here is your schedule .. and the key to your dorm. It's number 327; 4th floor."
"Thanks," I smiled and walked to the elevator. I pressed the silver '4'  button and stood there. Another girl rushed in all out of breath.
"Sorry! I needed to get to my dorm really fast," she laughed.
"No, it's cool! What floor?" I asked.
"Four," she panted.
"Me too," I smiled.
"I'm Molly," she said.
"Kenzie," I smirked.
"Dorm number?" she asked.
"Uhh 327," I said while looking at my golden key.
"No way! Same!" she squealed.
I laughed and pressed the button again. We went up to floor number 4 and walked out. I dragged my suitcase down the hall. The dorm was at the end of the hall. Molly ran over to the door and jumped inside. She was a very energetic girl. I quietly walked inside and set my suitcase down. I looked around at all of these girls who would be my roomates.

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rt     I    ]
"Kenzie! Let's go!" my mother shouted from downstairs.
"Coming, mom!" I yelled back.
I quickly grabbed my suitcase and purse and ran downstairs. I stopped to look in the mirror. I fixed my hair and did a pose.
"Honey, please. Let's go. You're going to be late to Witty Academy!" she complained.
"This is totally new for me, I have to look good!" I said.
She glared at me and walked out the door. I followed her to the car. Today was the day that I would fly to Los Angeles for Witty Academy. This was the first year that they had it open and I was so excited. Steve had emailed all the users about it a couple months ago. Users overflowed the newest quotes about it. You didn't have to go, it was a choice. I decided to go. Witty Academy stated that the school would be for learning HTML formatting, quote structures, helping eachother out, and just having a good time. Yes, there were rules. No jockers. You had to be real. But the main rule was that you had to be helpful and nice to your Witty sisters.
I sat in the front seat of my mom's car and stared out the window. I looked at my house, I would miss it. But I was still very excited for Witty Academy.
We arrived at the airport and my mother helped me with my luggage. The lady spoke over the intercom-
"Flight 407 will be leaving in 20 minutes,"
I sighed and looked at my mother.
"Bye mom," I said. She threw her arms around me.
"Good luck, sweetie! I'll miss you!" she cried.

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The Popular Group
Chapter 12.

Everyone talks about how there's mean girls at their school. But I bet they have never seen girls like this before.

Today was the day. Prom. And man was I nervous. Not because of Veronica, just going with Owen and facing everyone's comments about it. I put on my short light blue dress and curled my hair. Next I did my makeup. I walked downstairs gracefully. My mom looked very unhappy when she saw me.
"What?" I rolled my eyes.
"You don't need that much makeup. And you look like a brunette barbie," she frowned.
"Whatever mom! It's just prom," I crossed my arms over my chest.
"Where is this Owen guy? I need to meet him before you go anywhere," she said impatiently.
"He'll be here soon, calm down," I sighed.
There was a knock at the door. I ran over and opened it.
"Hi Owen!' I squealed and hugged him.
"Hey.. you look stunning," he smiled.
"Thanks, you too!" I giggled. I looked over at my mom who was frowning.
'Uhh, this is my mom," I said awkwardly. He nodded.
"You guys have fun," she smiled and walked away.
Wow. She let me off the hook!
I got into Ashton's car and we drove to prom.

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