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hey, i'm rachel
birthday: 03/30/1996
life: go on witty/tumblr, college,
chill at barnes and noble, drink tea,
pilates, watch anime, and write

obsessions: internet, fruity flavor
 gum, over-sized t-shirts, the hobo life,
 super smash bros, dogs, BTS, and Lush

dislikes: waking up early, video ads,
socializing, and meat (I'm vegetarian)

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Quotes by iwuvyou4eva

And now I know what it
feels like to be just in a casual
conversation with someone
and then when you turn your
head.... you notice this guy
and he's just chillin' over there,
but now you're in a total lost
of words and your mind is just
in wonder of how amazing he is.

don't be afraid of getting hurt.
it sucks when everything that
ever mattered to you have to end.
but there's always new beginnings,
new chances, and long-lasting miracles.

wait for the boy that
steals your heart by
doing the simplest things.
he will make you smile
and you'll realize how easy
it is to fall in love ♥

we might never meet again
in my heart,

is a part of you that will stay there forever
&& all my feelings i felt towards you left me to
keep moving forward with love
 because it's only guys like you that leave me smiling
I just hope one day you will see me, and when you do, your heart stops.



on my imaginary love story of us I wish we have.

He was absentmindedly making me want him

when i turned my head &saw him;  i didn't think  "oh, my gosh! he's sooo cute"  or like "dayum... me likey what i see"
i felt my heart sort of flutter and his eyes were so hard to look past. ♥♥ 

       there was a charm to him

Many people would

rather die than think.
In fact they do.

Escape this town for a little while

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