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hey, i'm rachel
birthday: 03/30/1996
life: go on witty/tumblr, college,
chill at barnes and noble, drink tea,
pilates, watch anime, and write

obsessions: internet, fruity flavor
 gum, over-sized t-shirts, the hobo life,
 super smash bros, dogs, BTS, and Lush

dislikes: waking up early, video ads,
socializing, and meat (I'm vegetarian)

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Quotes by iwuvyou4eva

I admire celebrities who don't force their fame into taking over their life.

Just like I admire girls who don't use their pretty looks as a way to feel like their beauty makes them any better than others.

Harry Potter is my favorite super hero

I don't  have
friends on this website. How am 
 I supposed to feel the witty sisterhood!?

///////////////      >>         ♥
Love is about staying 
true to your feeings always.
Because you should never;
give up on them, no mattter what's keeping you



I'm thinking of making a second witty account
for writing some quotes of food recipes  ♥

FAV if you wear contact lenses


so last night I found out, from watching an episode of Unwrapped, that a Klondike Bar is a kind of ice cream; …..I thought they were [ granola bars ]

It's my 10 month anniversary on Witty

I have 13 cousins
from my dad's side

&& 16 cousins from my mom's side.

Fav if you have less than 10 in all 
(this is not including second and third cousins. they're all kids of my parents' siblings)

Who remembers
               Johnny's best friend

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