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Quotes by izzybelb

t h i n h i s m i l e  i co n t a g i ou s .
And I fall in love again everytime I see it.


Dear Marlin, We found Nemo. He was yummy.

Sincerely, Japan



Boy: Wanna play a game?

girl: Sure, what game?

Boy: anything besides Hide and seek.

Girl: Why not hide and seek?

Boy: because i already found what I'm
looking for

is  when  a  person's personality  shines  through  their looks. Like in the way they walk, and every time you see  them, you  just want  to  run up  and  hug  them.
Today,  my  mother   told   me   two
things about when I was a little kid.
One, I  never  capitalized my  name.
 Two, I often wrote p's instead of d's.
My name is Denis. MLIA.
You fed me a silly pick up line.
i replied by telling you i've already
heard that one. you said ''it's no line,
it's the truth.''
then i walked away,
i've heard that one too.


in  the  concrete

are just reminders that you fall apart,

No matter how strong you are.
Sure, California girls may be all that, but have  you  seen  those  East  Coast  boys?
i mean, daaaaamnn(:
especially the ones from atlanta ;D
Love you always.
Love       you       still.
Always have.  <3
<3       Always will.

not hearts.