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dear witty people,
my name is jacqui. Im not on witty to much, but if i see or hear or come up with something i like, i'll put it on. i'm kind of new to witty and i'm still trying to figure out how to do things like fades and add pictures. Anyways, i do work hard on my quotes and would appreciate that you don't jock them. But if you wanna edit, then just give me credit for my work. So go ahead, read my quotes. Hope you like them(:


Quotes by jacquix13

s o .  i  . h e a r d
 you're doing you.
b u t . y o u . h e a r d
i'm doing better(;


but if there's one thing about you that i admire, it's baby
because you stay with me,

maybe  cause  your e  as  craz a s  i   a m
- eminem "crazy in love"

so mr. player,do you feel like the man now?

--beggin on your knees♥
not my format**

he wiped a tear from my face and whispered,
You're beautiful babe

love and hate
might not be so different after all
i mean either way,
you're feeling a deep passion

for someone else


the birthplace of
perverted comments(:

fade credit to xxBryciee342
[Single]doesn't mean im looking for somebody
--Sam Adams               
& i just need a boy
>to come up give me a hug and say
i'm sorry most of my gender sucks

credit to Dreamless
hit the heart(: